Dies - Compact System

Over the years, Latermec has invested a considerable amount of funds to promote new technologies concerning the design and manufacturing of high quality Dies.

The use of three-dimensional rendering software, together with the employment of high precision CNC machinery, allowed Latermec to achieve the highest quality standards in terms of products accuracy and item finishing.

COMPACT: starting from the data and shapes analyses and all elements involved in the extrusion process, Latermec obtained the compact and functional system COMPACT.

Many furnaces in recent years have adopted the "Compact" system achieving significant benefits in terms of both energy and productivity. The "Compact" die system, in all its versions (Compact 1-2-3) has:

  • Conical inlet which facilitates the material compression during extrusion
  • A notable and effective braking system despite the overall reduced size
  • Easily removable conical core bar
  • Removable frame, completely detachable from other items


Several benefits are evident during the extrusion process, further proving the technical innovations provided by the Compact system:

  • Optimal extrusion together with reduced consumptions
  • Improvement of the brick mechanical strength
  • Improved brick essication
  • Optimization of production